The characters It's Nice to Meet You!

You can find the most important characters in the game here! In the game so far you won't be able to see all these characters that much, but they enter the journey if we continue making this game. And who knows...

Nica Age: 19

A kind and confident girl, fast with her attacks with her blade, but her magical side isn't that strong.

Sehlia Age:20

A really strong and acrobatic girl, pretty stubborn and yeh... FOOD IS LIFE.

Thye Age: 20

A really happy-go-lucky attitude makes him kinda strange, but his skills with bow & arrow are perfect.

Nayll Age:26

The advisor of the King. A kind and handsome man, who has his own fanclub.

Mountaingoat Age: ?

Our lovely and... fancy mountaingoat.

Age: ?

To be continued...